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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not a single act, but a habit.

If you would like to book with us, partner or explore an alliance with us, or would like details on a personal or business itinerary, here is where you can reach us.

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Nityanand Pride Beach Stay Resort
Tondavali (Madhali),
Karanjewadi Stop,
Malvan, Sindhudurg,
Maharashtra – 416606

For Bookings: +91 8070159999

Tondavali Contact No:

Mr Sizer Fernandez (Executive  Manager):  +91 8888599305 / +91 7588935588
Email Us:

Mumbai Contact No
Ms Sangeeta (Accounts Manager): +91 9869552211

Mr B. P. Joshi (Partner): +91 8369864686
Mr. D. P. Joshi (Partner): +91 8888630430
Giriraj Caterers, Aurangabad.

Mr. Vinay: +91 9819558228
Mr. Manish Katti: +91 9923474104



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